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Awesome suite is dedicated to helping businesses effectively engage with their customers and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


In the competitive landscape of technology companies, attracting new customers is a significant challenge. With potential customers turning to Google for software solutions, ranking high in search results, especially for Cloud-based SaaS platforms, is crucial yet daunting.


To address this challenge, Awesomesuite partnered with Progoez to enhance its SEO rankings and increase brand visibility. By leveraging our expertise in digital marketing and implementing cutting-edge SEO strategies, we optimized Awesomesuite’s online presence. Our focus on targeting relevant keywords proved instrumental in attracting new customers and boosting brand recognition.”

This testimonial highlights Awesomesuite’s commitment to customer engagement, the challenge of SEO in the technology industry, and Progoez’s solution to improve SEO rankings and drive business growth


Edmonton Counselling Services offers comprehensive consultation, assessment, and treatment for mental health issues.


Navigating a highly competitive industry landscape posed a significant challenge for Edmonton Counselling, particularly in ranking on Google within their location.


Progoez devised a multifaceted strategy to overcome this hurdle. By targeting high-volume keywords and building high-quality backlinks on trusted websites, we helped Edmonton Counselling gain traction in the market. As a result, they now rank on the top pages of Google for 10-15 keywords, solidifying their position as a leading provider of mental health services in their area.

This testimonial highlights Awesomesuite’s commitment to customer engagement, the challenge of SEO in the technology industry, and Progoez’s solution to improve SEO rankings and drive business growth




Draft Warehouse is a leading supplier of premium draft beer equipment, serving the USA market with top-quality solutions. Their diverse product range includes everything from draft beer towers and faucets to kegerators and cleaning supplies, catering to a wide range of needs.


Our challenge was to elevate Draft Warehouse’s online presence and attract more customers in a highly competitive market. With our tailored SEO strategies, we positioned Draft Warehouse at the forefront of search engine results, ensuring their products were easily discoverable by potential buyers.


By optimizing their website and targeting relevant keywords, with good quality backlinks coming from highly trusted sources, we helped Draft Warehouse stand out among competitors and reach their target audience effectively. Our solution not only boosted their visibility but also increased sales and customer engagement, establishing Draft Warehouse as a trusted leader in the industry.


New World Nutritionals is committed to providing superior-quality bulk protein at competitive prices. Their focus on offering the highest-grade whey protein isolate sets them apart from other suppliers in the market.


Our challenge was to enhance New World Nutritionals’ online visibility and differentiate them from competitors who offer cheaper alternatives like whey concentrate. To address this, we developed a tailored SEO strategy that emphasized the unique selling proposition of their premium whey protein isolate.


Through targeted keyword optimization and content marketing initiatives, we elevated New World Nutritionals’ search engine rankings and established them as a trusted source for high-quality protein products. By effectively communicating their value proposition to potential customers, we helped drive traffic to their website and increase sales, positioning them as a leader in the industry.


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"Progoez catapulted our HVAC business to new heights! Their tailored FB ad campaigns and expertise boosted our sales significantly. Kudos to them!"

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John Smith


"Amazing service!!"

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Sophia Martinez


"ProGoEz revolutionized our plumbing business! Their mastery of FB ads strategies is unmatched. With their help, our website traffic and lead generation skyrocketed. ProGoEz is our go-to for generating real leads with digital marketing!"

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Jackson Benjamin